Home Décor Tips

Jane was a pleasure to work with and provided me with great advice and design help as I re-did my living room and foyer. Jane created dynamic looks in both rooms that not only looked good, but were also maintainable with my three young kids. I would highly recommend Jane. I think she values her clients’ input, but also provides experienced advice.


We first contacted Jane Mogel, of Jane Mogel Interior Design for a consultation regarding some decorating needs for our apartment. We needed someone to bring our eclectic style into one cohesive elegant living room space. What impressed us was the attention Jane gave to our ideas, and how easy and comfortable she was to work with. With Jane’s extensive knowledge and resources we were able to decide on the perfect fabrics and pieces for each project. Jane’s team created a room darkening roman shade for privacy, a sheer daytime roman shade, sofa pillows, faux wood blinds, and the reupholstering of two chairs. Each project was accomplished with the utmost attention to quality and detail and delivered on time. Jane made our apartment into a home that brings pleasure every time we enter. We look forward to calling Jane and her team for any future design needs.

Karen Gold

Choosing Color for your Living Room

Hi, my name is Jane Mogel. I am an interior designer and today I am going to explain how to select colors for your living room. This can be a really daunting process but what I recommend to my clients is rather than going to the paint store and seeing thousands of colors as you can here I think it would be an easier process if you started with a fabric. Here is an example of a beautiful, multicolored, traditional paisley fabric. This has a lot of warm tones in it. Warm tones are the reds, greens, oranges and yellows. Cool colors are the blues, greens and purple colors. So, if you brought this fabric to the paint store, the safest way to go would be to go with this pale gold color that is in the background of this fabric. 

Safest colors to choose are neutral colors. Here some pale yellow colors. Another thing to consider is the three tones of a room. I suggest the floor should be the darkest. The wall should be a medium tone and the ceiling should be the lightest color. Gray actually is a wonderful color because it looks good with lots of other colors. Gray and orange this is a beautiful combination I love that. Gray and blue are pretty. They are too cool colors but as you can see it is very effective to put these two together. Gray and red is also a beautiful, I love this combination. 

Another thing to consider is the light in a room. If you have a room with northeastern exposure you are not going to be getting that much light therefore I think you should go with the warmer color so one of these colors would work. If you have a room with southern exposure, you are going to be getting lots of light you could do a cooler color. And that case you could do a blue or this beautiful color I love this one. This is a greenish blue color. Something else to think about is a monochromatic colors scheme. That is using colors that are close together on a color wheel. Here is an example of three blues. This would be a very safe color scheme but beautiful so shades of one color is a monochromatic scheme. 

It is a complicated process to pick out paint colors for a living room. Think about the light exposure in the room. Think about the flooring. If you have very dark wood floors in the room, I think you would be better off going with a lighter paint color and if it helps you bring an inspiration piece to the paint store such as a fabric.